RNO Member Roster


Last NameFirst NameCompany
AndersonErnest G. RB12525Ernest G. Anderson, REALTORSŪ RB12525
AndersonJudith M. RB12561 Anderson Properties RB12561
AnnisMary Theresa RB16372Malia, Limited RB15184
Apana-JosephGina Ann M. RB20667allure REALTY LLC RB21930
ArquetteCaryl E. RB10980 Arquette Properties, Inc. RB18390
AuSharon RB14292Properties of the Pacific, LLC RB17066
Barber, Sr.Robert W. RB12904Beacan Associates, Inc. RB12892
BarrettJudy RB18336Judy Barrett, REALTORŪ RB18336
BartaThomas D. RB12527Hale Makai Realty RB12527
BellSandra T. RB8003Sandy Bell Realty, Inc. RB8003
BlottenbergerEdward L. RB13669First Hawaiian Realty RB17225
BondanzaWilliam J. RB15376Bondanza, Inc. RB17403
BordnerDale K. RB12848Hawaii Resource Realty RB16363
BradenSachi RB16308Sachi Hawaii Pacific Century Properties, LLC RB18153
BradyJenny L. RB17202Hokua Hawaii Realty, LLC RB20145
BrunoPaula K. RB13839Hokua Hawaii Realty, LLC RB20145
BurgosChristina M. RB21181Inverness Realty Group RB21181
BussRichard RB16435Richard Buss Real Estate RB16435
BusserCindy RB19003Pacific Homes Realty, LLC RB21515
Cadiente-CargoMichele K. RS72907Properties International Ltd. RB19722
CarlosAileen RB15746Primo Properties RB15746
CarreiraLance RS24993Moana Carreira Properties LLC RB18330
CarreiraC. Moana RB17145Moana Carreira Properties LLC RB18330
CarstensenFlemming H. RB9999 Flemming H. Carstensen RB9999
ChaiBeverly Pong Chai RB16553Bev's Realty RB18871
ChaiRodney Y.S. Chai RB07625Realty Specialists Corp RB8811
ChenEmmanuel RB15107Emmanuel Chen, REALTORŪ Inc. RB17879
ChenJohnson S RB15903Cheers Hawaii Properties, Inc. RB21982
ChengChristine L. RB16172Christine L. Cheng, REALTORŪ RB16172
CheungBonnie W.K. RB15471Real Estate 90 RB15518
ChingChing Wah W. RB14106CHL Realty, Inc. RB15781
ChingHung Hei RB15386CHL Realty, Inc. RB15781
ChingMei Y. RB19313Black Point Realty, LLC RB20221
ChingStanley RB193122020 International Real Estate RB19831
ChockVernon K.T. RB11417Vernco Properties, Inc. RB14128
Chock KannoLeburta RB11669Leburta Chock, REALTORŪ RB11669
ChrismanPhoebe RB16497dba Phoebe Lau, REALTORŪ RB16497
ChunJanis Y. RB8712Janis Y. Chun RB8712
ChunMyra S.C. RB8896B.Y. Realty Mgt. & Sales RB12181
ChungNedra RB16980Nedra Chung Realty, LLC RB17077
ClayAlice P. RB10521Alice Clay Realty RB10521
DeYoungBob R. RB15318Bob R. DeYoung RB15318
DuBoseTiffany RB18234allure REALTY LLC RB21930
EatonJocelyn "Joey" M. RB21371Homequest, REALTORSŪ LLC RB20378
EavesGina RB16799Eaves Realty RB16799
EckmannBruse RB17118Rainbow Hawaii Real Estate RB17118
EwartTerry RB10008Star Realty RB10008
Ferguson-BreyFred RB11976Real Estate Trading Corp. RB15930
FloydYoung-Sun "Sunny" S. RB16330Central Pacific Realty, Inc. RB16301
FreemanCeci Chang RB17710Honolulu Real Estate, LLC RB17240
FrohlichHisako RB14811Heyer & Associates LLC RB17416
FujiwaraScott T. RB17069Island, REALTORSŪ, LLC RB17109
HallGaylien S. RB12616Properties of the Pacific, LLC RB17066
HamamotoBerton K. RB13802Property Profiles, Inc. RB16042
HamiltonLiz RB8784Royal Hawaiian Properties RB14036
HashimotoGlenn I. RS54904Kaimana Realty RB16246
Henley-DavisJayne A. RB8873Jayne Henley & Associates RB8873
HigaInge R. RB07201Inge R. Higa RB07201
HicksBruce W. RB13537Best Homes Hawaii RB13537
HillEric N. RB12534Honolulu Realty RB15237
HiltPriscilla W. RB7320Priscilla Hilt Realty RB9566
HokamaPatti Ann RB15958Real Estate Update, Inc. RB16236
HondaAnn Y. RB16828Ann Y. Honda, REALTORŪ RB16828
HungHerwin C. RB16389Island Pacific Real Estate, LLC RB21571
IngValerie RB10951Properties Express, Inc. RB16735
ItoJune RB9409June Muta Realty RB9409
JacksonBarbara A. RB10495Beacan Associates, Inc. RB12892
JakahiMelanie W.F.RB13155Melanie Jakahi, LLC RB17689
JoyAlbert L. RB15727Ascend Properties, LLC RB19780
KanedaAlan Y. RB19729Kaneda Realty, LLC RB20131
KaneshiroCharlene RB15599CK Island Properties RB20196
KaneshiroGeorge I. RS14126Bob Tanaka Realty RB9678
KangY.P. RB9034Y.P. Kang, REALTORŪ RB9034
KarimotoElizabeth RB9651Blue Sky Realty & Management RB9651
KerstingMartha T. "Mardi" RB7358Int'l Realty Services & Consultants RB8701
KimChristine RB20727H20 Watermark Pacific Prop LLC RB20728
KimNewton Y.S. RB15196Discovery Properties RB15196
KircherLois J. RB13113Kailua Bay Properties, LLC RB18930
KleinAleta E. RB10457KleinCo, LLC RB17764
KobatakeClyde S. RB14925Clyde Kobatake Realty RB19118
KoyamaSteve I. RB15867Koyama Realty, LLC RB20636
LamAlan H. RB20408Quorum Properties Hawaii, LLC RB20340
LeeAnnie RB12366Annie Lee Realty, Inc. RB16683
LeeGail RB17700Gail Lee Properties, LLC RB18212
LeeKaren V. RB18284Island Homes of the Pacific, LLC RB18366
LiuNelly P. RB17104Nell Properties RB17104
LooMatt RB21923Oahu Property Services RB22370
LumAllison RB15150Plum Associates, Inc. RB13447
LumJason P. RB17072Realty Isle RB17072
MaedaJune S. RB9607June Maeda Realty, Inc. RB13214
MannJon S. RB19922Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers RB19928
Mann-HawkinsSandra M.L. RB17908Honolulu Property Advisors, LLC RB22239
MarnLinda RB9596Central Pacific Realty, Inc. RB16301
MatsuoJoAnn C RB17247808 Real Estate RB19016
MeendermanMalia L. RB18199Hawaii House LLC RB18339
MelcherL. Richard RB14772Alpha Real Estate & Mgmt. Co. RB6786
MenteEarl S. RB10960Earl S. Mente, REALTORSŪ RB10960
MeyersCori K. RB11684Kapolei Realty, Inc. RB16731
MiyatakeAiko S. RB14596Amber Properties RB16564
MooreDawn RB14699Moore & Moore Properties RB18563
MooreLiz RB14395Hawaii Real Estate Partners RB21395
MosesRobert RB14740Moses Realty RB14740
MotosueWilfred RB9147Realty Trade Center RB9147
MunekataWilliam H. RB10172Universal Sites LLC RB15505
MunenoPat RB15296Lifestyle Properties LLC RB18108
MurrayLeslie P. RB12047Royal Hawaiian Properties RB14036
NakanoSuzanne A. RB13715Suzanne Nakano Realty, Inc. RB14240
OkuboRonald M. RB11791Ron Corp. RB15512
OmiyaSandra S. RB14525One Realty, Inc. RB14383
O'RourkeNikki M.C. RB20706Eighteen Properties RB20706
OsmanKay F. RB12053Del Osman Realty, Inc. RB11109
PalmerLori RS38970Bob Tanaka, Inc. RB9628
ParkPeter J. RB19511Park Realty, LLC RB20913
PattonJames RB15162Coco Isle Realty, Inc. RB17961
ReardonSandie RB19879INET Realty RB20063
RubinsteinCynthia R. RB15800Cynthia R. Rubinstein R.E., Inc. RB16858
SaasNagwa RB14273Nagwa Saas RB14273
SagucioDiane RB17711South Shore Realty, Inc. RB17719
SaigusaElaine H. RB13314Ainalani Realty, LLC RB20112
SaitoCarol-Lynn S.L. RB15208Carol-Lynn Saito, LLC RB19781
SakauyeBraven N. RB13266Realty Partners Inc. RB14148
SchenkBrett RB18955Woodstock Properties, Inc. RB15393
ShinsatoAnn A. RB15114Pono RealtyRB15114
ShirakiDonna Y. RB16246Kaimana Realty RB16246
SilvaGail RB9709Gail Silva RB9709
SmithSuzanne D. RB11867Suzanne Smith Associates RB11867
TaketaMarion M. RB14536Marion M. Taketa, REALTORŪ RB14536
TanabeLynn M. RB10218Bishop Group Realty, Inc.RB15273
TanakaConstance K. RS42572Island Estates, Inc. RB15780
TanakaKathy Y. RB14786Bob Tanaka, Inc. RB9678
TanakaKevin K. RS53643Bob Tanaka, Inc. RB9678
TanakaMichael J. RB15522Realty 2000, Inc. RB16214
TanakaRay-Stan RB10065Island Estates, Inc. RB15780
TanakaBob RB8374Bob Tanaka, Inc. RB9678
TaniguchiBlaine N. RB12149Pacific Properties RB12149
TaniguchiIris K.W. RB16518Pacific Properties RB12149
TaylorMargaret D. RB17917Pacific Realty Group, LLC RB17310
TonakiAimee RB16088Professional Technology, Inc. RB21829
TrehernSharon L. RB15563Sharon Trehern Realty RB15563
TrinidadRuss RS58112Pacific Realty Ventures RB17167
TsweiKathy RB18713Pan Pacific Realty, LLC RB18855
Uyemura-ReyesCathi RB18272Global Executive Realty LLC RB18273
Van HoeyLawrence RB21165Hi Pro Realty, LLC RB21531
Villarmia-KahawaiFrancine RB18089Properties International, Ltd. RB19722
WatsonThomas Duane RB16186Watson Properties, Inc. RB16420
WilliamsLarry RB17071Williams Realty, LLC RB17501
WilliamsStephen Foster RB7631Stephen Foster Williams RB7631
WongChrystal S.K. RB16499Palace Realty, Inc. RB6957
WongDebbie RB19546Debbie Wong Real Estate RB19546
WuJimmy RS76720Cheers Hawaii Properties, Inc. RB21982
YeeM. JoAnn RB17665Avalon Realty, LLC RB17699
YoungSylvianne K.L. RB13520Young Properties, Inc. RB15985